Edward Prendergast:


With 20+ years of real-world industry experience, I love bringing a hands-on get things done approach to web applications and teams. My key principles are: maintainability; fixing problems so they stay fixed; sharing knowledge; good communication; and being curious about technology.

My Work

Vintage line-drawing of a young man holding up a wheelbarrow

UP Booking Engine - Multi-tenancy Product

A line-art vintage drawing of a train Modelled and created a new booking engine product from start to finish.

Shiji Enterprise Platform - API Integration

A screenshot of a hotel booking engine

Worked closely with a large multinational hospitality technology provider, being the first in Europe to bring a modern, accessible frontend to their extremely feature-filled API backend.

The Student Hotel - Long-stay

United cross-company teams between the UK, Germany and the Netherlands to create a customised long-stay booking engine web application, while coding the web application to tie the systems together.


JavaScript & Node, TypeScript, Angular, Ruby/Rails, Clojure, PostgreSQL, Docker, AWS & architecture planning, mentorship & training, interviewing & outreach, and many more.

Get in Touch

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Drop me an email on edward@openedweb.co.uk, I'll be happy to give you my details and arrange a call.